Ubuntu如何安装和升级Linux Kernel 3.15

by admin on 2020年4月23日

Linus Torvalds 在10月3日发布了Linux 4.8的正式版,在正式发布前他接受了
Andrew Morton

Ubuntu如何安装和升级Linux Kernel 3.15

Linus Torvalds 已经在 Linux Kernel 邮件列表中宣布了 Linux Kernel 3.15:

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So I ended up doing an rc8 because I was a bit worried about some
last-minute dcache fixes, but it turns out that nobody seemed to even
notice those. We did have other issues during the week, though, so it
was just as well. The futex fixes and cleanups may stand out, but as
usual there’s various other random fixes since rc8 in there too: mainly
drivers (drm, networking, sound, usb etc), networking, scheduling and
perf tooling.
But it’s all been fairly small and quiet, which *may* of course be due
to the fact that last week was also the first week of the merge window
for 3.16. That might have distracted some developers. I’m not entirely
convinced I liked the overlap, but it seemed to work ok, and unless
people scream really loudly (“Please don’t _ever_ do that again”) and
give good reasons for doing so, I might end up doing that overlapping
merge window in the future too if it ends up helping out with some
particular timing issue.
That said, I also don’t think it was such a wonderful experience that
I’d want to necessarily do the overlap every time, without a good
specific reason for doing so. It was kind of nice being productive
during the last week or rc (which is usually quite boring and dead), but
I think it might be a distraction when people should be worrying about
the stability of the rc.
Of course, maybe the overlap ends up meaning that we get less noise
during the last week of stabilization, and it actually helps. It could
go either way. I’d be interested to hear what people thought, although I
_suspect_ most people don’t feel strongly either way.
Anyway, with 3.15 released, my “master” branch has already merged the
work in my “next” branch on my local machine, and I’ll be
decommissioning the “next” branch once I push that all out. After that,
any future merge window work will happen on “master”, and we’ll be back
to the normal single-branch model for my tree.


Linux Kernel 3.15 新特性:

  • EFI混合模式支持,64-bit 和 32-bit Linux kernel 支持 UEFI
  • 更快的挂起和恢复时间
  • 支持 Sony DualShock 4 控制器
  • 新版 Linux kernel 可以让较新的笔记本电脑发挥更好的性能
  • 对未来 CPU 前端 AVX-512 的 RDSEED 扩展的支持
  • 对开源显卡驱动 NVIDIA Maxwell GPU 和 VCE 2.0 的支持及改进
  • 视频编码支持 AMD 显卡
  • ……


为Ubuntu安装和升级Linux Kernel 3.15

Ubuntu 用户安装 Linux Kernel 3.15 RC1 

Ubuntu Kernel Team 发布的 DEB 包可以访问如下网址拿到:

安装的时候注意区分 64-bit 和 32-bit ,安装顺序如下:

  1. linux-headers-3.15.0-xxxxxx_all.deb
  2. linux-headers-3.15.0-xxx-generic / lowlatency-xxx_i386/amd64.deb
  3. linux-image-3.15.0-xxx-generic / lowlatency-xxx_i386/amd64.deb

或者直接用如下命令把 Ubuntu 升级到 Linux Kernel 3.15 :

32-bit Ubuntu




sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-3.15.0-*.deb linux-image-3.15.0-*.deb

64-bit Ubuntu




sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-3.15.0-*.deb linux-image-3.15.0-*.deb

怎样在 Ubuntu 上安装 Linux 3.11 内核

Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) 内核已升级至 Linux Kernel 3.10 RC5

Linux Kernel 3.4.62 LTS 现已经提供下载

如何在Ubuntu 13.10上安装Linux内核 3.12

Linux Kernel 的详细介绍:请点这里
Linux Kernel 的下载地址:请点这里

Kernel 3.15 Linus
Torvalds 已经在 Linux Kernel 邮件列表中宣布了 Linux Kernel 3.15: So I
ended up doing an rc8 because I was a bit worr…

I’m really sorry I applied that last series from Andrew just
before doing the 4.8 release, because they cause problems, and now it is
in 4.8 (and that buggy crap is marked for stable too).

In particular, I just got this kernel BUG at
./include/linux/swap.h:276 and the end result was a dead kernel.The bug
that commit 22f2ac51b6d64 (“mm: workingset: fix crash in shadow node
shrinker caused by replace_page_cache_page()”) purports to have fixed
has apparently been there since 3.15, but the fix is clearly worse than
the bug it tried to fix, since that original bug has never killed my

I should have reacted to the damn added BUG_ON() lines. I suspect
I will have to finally just remove the idiotic BUG_ON() concept once
and for all, because there is NO F*CKING EXCUSE to knowingly kill
the kernel.





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